The second post and I’m really fanning my pajamas.

“Hello. My name is Cory and I’m absolutely the prey of this superficial, materialistic society. I hate ugly cars and big butts.”

Yes, not only did I have a huge problem being escorted in antique boat-cars when I was a teenager, I was also convinced that I was fat and ugly.

Then I got old (30!) and discovered what I really look like fat. But the “Look At All the Bothers I Give” button is good and stuck these days, and it just doesn’t bother me to wear sweat pants…for anything except actual sweating.

It isn’t all the growing up and not caring that has me so comfortable in my current, ample skin. It’s the fact that I’m taking steps to improve the things that sometimes do make me self-conscious about it. I’m taking something (my body) that has always made me self-conscious (= no confidence) and turned it into a strength by taking consistent steps (working out) to work on it!

I have a great tie-in to writing here.

Though I stopped promoting my book due to lack of confidence in its quality, I am taking steps to improve it. When asked, I optimistically reply, “It’s on hiatus” (my book is at the gym). I feel good about this reply: knowing that I’m working on it establishes my confidence in it once more (sexy book!).

This description makes it sound like I released the book prematurely, and maybe I did. My writers group hosted a local author event for Christmas last year and, though I’d been revising and working on my book on-and-off for three years, I still scrambled to have it ready on time. I gained a lot of insight about my book in the process:

  • Before the release, it was very painful for me to share my writing with others. It still makes me a little shaky, but now I’m eager to share and receive critique.
  • The feedback I received I would have gotten no other way. And this input helps me do what I’ve wanted for my book all along: produce deeper, better-written work.
  • Positive reviews and response to the story’s plot and theme reinforce my early confidence that there is plenty of reason to continue this project!

When it comes time for promotion again, I will know (= confidence) that my book is better because I continued to work on it. And I’m confident that getting the book out there, despite its imperfections, was an integral part of the refining process.


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