Show Your Writer Love. Give Confidence.

In the most writer’s confidence building, even if somewhat material, show of love and support ever, my husband gave me a shiny, new laptop for my birthday. What could that be other than a strong message saying every time I open the lid, “keep writing; I believe in you.”

Writing is important to me. I will write for the rest of my life. Conquering word problems in my novels brings me immense pleasure. Putting words together is so gratifying. Sometimes, dishes and laundry don’t get done because my characters have decided it’s time to do their chores.

And my husband understands that.

A writer’s confidence begins in their home, with their own circle. As their supporters, you may be the deciding factor whether or not they learn the thrill of writing for the first time, or if they continue to fulfill themselves in this way into the future.

When considering gifts for your writing loved one, consider something that shows them you acknowledge their credit as a writer and that you support the cause of the written word through them.

Custom Heart Journal by mamaroots on Etsy

Custom Heart Journal by mamaroots on Etsy

The writer in your life will think of your loving support each time a new idea pops into their head and they reach for this journal by mamaroots on Etsy to jot it down.

USB Mix Tape

Your writer must back up their writing. Let them know you’ve got their back with this USB Flash Drive Mix Tape. Gift it pre-loaded with a soundtrack they can listen to while writing and think of you.

Paperback cologne

You’ll find it nigh impossible to separate your writer from their paperbacks. Prepare yourself.

Set of 10 Black Book Personalized Note Cards by Earmark on Etsy

Set of 10 Black Book Personalized Note Cards by Earmark on Etsy

Even if your writer hasn’t seen their name on the cover of a published work, give them the joy of sending their writing out into the world (through the mail) with these personalized note cards that look like vintage book covers.

Our QnA

Ensure your beloved writer keeps their craft sharp by doing a little writing everyday. And why not join them? “Our Q&A a day Journal is designed that two people can create a three-year time capsule of their relationship in the easiest way possible…Even just one sentence is enough to create a snapshot of your life together.”

Ask Me About My Book

This key chain reinforces your praise that your writer’s work is good enough to tell everyone about. Go one better and tell others about their book when they’re overcome by a fit of modesty or lack of confidence.

Old Book--Book Lovers' Scented Soy Candle by Frostbeard on Etsy

Old Book–Book Lovers’ Scented Soy Candle by Frostbeard on Etsy

No matter where they have to be, create an atmosphere of your writer’s favorite place–a book store–with this Old Book scented candle from Frostbeard on Etsy.

DIY Journal Pen Holder from

DIY Journal Pen Holder from

Your writer is a creator and maybe you’ve decided to enjoy the sentiment of a homemade Christmas. Your writer will resource this Journal Pen Holder (tutorial by Katie at as they work their way through a variety of notebooks and never again have to worry about how to keep track of their pencils and pens!

Litograph--Your favorite book printed stylishly on a tee

Litograph–Your favorite book printed stylishly on a tee

What does the writer in your life like to talk about nearly as much as the book they’re writing? The best book they ever read! A Litograph t-shirt is a conversation piece and so, the gift that keeps on giving, since fellow fans will stop them to discuss their mutual interest each time they wear it.

Gift these Film Industrial Bookends from Nordstrom for your writer’s collection of books gone to movie.

DIY Story Stones from Paint on the Ceiling

DIY Story Stones from Hannah at Paint on the Ceiling

Another gift for DIYers who love a writer is a bag of hand-painted Story Stones, like Story Cubes with the benefit of picking cues that interest your particular writer. Check out Paint on the Ceiling for the tutorial and ways to play. With the right touches, this is a great gift for writers new or seasoned.

Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Your writer requires a certain amount of fuel to stir up their imagination and get them through their slumps. Most of this fuel needs to come from “real food” (despite your writer’s arguments), but once in a while, exactly what they need is a treat. Reach for something caffeine-infused for a secret weapon against writer’s block.

The writer in your life will flourish when well-stocked with fresh notebooks and quality pens and pencils, a regular dose of encouragement, and a reasonable amount of understanding. In return, you’ll be the recipient of a love that is deeply felt, you’ll be a party to the creation of new worlds and witness to countless other lives–your adventures will be vast and great! There might even be a dedication in a book for you someday.

Here’s to making magic holiday memories…and writing them down!

*none of these links are affiliated with Heart On Her Book Sleeve


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