About Cory Martin

“Cory Martin writes everything down and sometimes finds stories in what she’s written.”

Writing it down always worked a bit of magic for me. I wrote to learn my thoughts and to form ideas about the world. I wrote to remember—my experiences and what school thought was important for man to know.

But, as with all stories, there was conflict. I forgot the power of writing. I stopped. And the magic was cut off from me.

I became a new, working mother and wife. I lost sight of my Self, my personality, my interests, my dreams of being an artist or a writer—what makes me ME! Then I met women who seemed to use reading to hold onto their sense of self. But, as a new Christian on top of everything else, I had difficulty finding books with quirky stories comprised of thoughtfulness and depth, but lacking vulgarity and gratuity—the kinds of things that offend a tender spirit.

So I came full circle, started dreaming old dreams and writing everything down. Everything: inspired one-liners, journals, quotes from my kids, favorite scriptures, famous quotes, excerpts from books, things to remember, lists of goals, anything that popped into my head.

I found stories in some of the things I’d written. Then books happened. And I will never again allow myself to forget that I am a writer.


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