Keeping the Dream


I dare say writing and reading are the key to overcoming prejudice and expanding Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of the “beloved community.” As writers, you are a keeper of the dream and can slip it in through the subconscious of your readers. Don’t think for a moment that your job isn’t important.



Years Don’t Wait for Permission to Start Anew and Neither Should You

I can think of nothing more soul-crushing than watching all of your valuable, non-refundable time tumbling and crumbling away like dead leaves, as Neil suggests here.

“Try to make your time matter: minutes and hours and days and weeks can blow away like dead leaves, with nothing to show but time you spent not quite ever doing things, or time you spent waiting to begin.”

Neil Gaiman’s wishes for us all in 2016

(he’s crushed my soul lots, but always for a good purpose in the end)

I don’t know about you, but that image makes me want to vehemently, deliberately, lovingly embrace this coming year and forge something meaningful with it. Not just “try” but DO! Rake all of last years’ dead leaves into a pile and compost them to fertilize 2016’s budding plans!

Here are a few of the tools I’m using in 2016 to make my time meaningful: Continue reading

Good Things In, Good Things Out at the Happiest Place on Earth

If we want to be inspired, productive, and happy, we have to make sure we’re regularly dosing ourselves with inspiration, productivity, and happiness. Our creating environment is something we can impact easily and instantly, and that can have a big impact on our confidence and the quality of work we’re producing.

Good things in. Good things out.

There are few who understand the potential of an environment to set a mood quite as well as the Imagineers at Disney World. By carefully noting what stimuli from our favorite places makes the biggest impression on our imagination, we can recreate the inspiration at home–in the places we do our own creating. Continue reading

Sacred, a short fiction

Sacred Cow by Guy-Claude Portmann (Manonp on

Sacred Cow by Guy-Claude Portmann (Manonp on

by Cory Martin

The gentle man who approaches this week is much like the others. He isn’t rich. He smells faintly like the animals he tends. He doesn’t smell much different than me.

His eyes roam the stalls lining the street before they pretend to unconsciously stop on me. It isn’t long now until Gopastami, and some preemptory acknowledgement of a wandering cow won’t draw too much suspicion. He bends at the waist and leans his forehead close to mine, a prayer to Devi upon his breath. His fingers fumble with the decaying hemp collar around my neck. He pauses when he finds what must have been left for him by my visitor Continue reading

Set Your Parameters for Success with Your Unique Author Statement

As self-employees, self-motivators, self-doers, sometimes we are not confident with our results because we have not yet set the parameters.

Or maybe we’ve lost sight of our why–why we do what we do in the first place.

The key to staying motivated and on-task in our writing and professional lives could be as simple as putting our talent to good use by crafting a Mission Statement. Continue reading


Power In the Doing

This meme comes from Your Writer Platform (I know, I know, my platform doesn't look as though I'm heeding much of her advice). I highly recommend this resource, and would even subscribe if I were you!

This meme comes from Your Writer Platform (I know, I know, my platform doesn’t look as though I’m heeding much of her advice). I highly recommend this resource, and would even subscribe if I were you!

Every Monday, I post an appealing photo slathered-over with a catchy quote about something pertaining to my current writing life on my writers group page. This past Monday, this quote from R.A. Salvatore pertained very well.

What I wrote to personalize the experience resounded with my fellow group members. It’s resounded with me throughout the rest of the week. And I have found focusing on what I AM doing (rather than what I’m not) a most confidence-boosting motivator.  Continue reading