Show Your Writer Love. Give Confidence.

In the most writer’s confidence building, even if somewhat material, show of love and support ever, my husband gave me a shiny, new laptop for my birthday. What could that be other than a strong message┬ásaying every time I open the lid, “keep writing; I believe in you.”

Writing is important to me. I will write for the rest of my life. Conquering word problems in my novels brings me immense pleasure. Putting words together is so gratifying. Sometimes, dishes and laundry don’t get done because my characters have decided it’s time to do their chores.

And my husband understands that.

A writer’s confidence begins in their home, with their own circle. As their supporters, you may be the deciding factor whether or not they learn the thrill of writing for the first time, or if they continue to fulfill themselves in this way into the future.

When considering gifts for your writing loved one, consider something that shows them you acknowledge their credit as a writer and that you support the cause of the written word through them. Continue reading