Cory Martin’s debut novel: Swamp Song

Cory Martin’s debut novel, Swamp Song, is a new adult story about a city boy at odds with himself and his new Louisiana wilderness world, and his uncle’s undying interest in his potential.
Swamp Song

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Jonathan Preen’s uncle Perry came into this world a mystery. His unique anatomy left doctors scratching their heads as Perry grew into adulthood, using his differences to his advantage against the nasty creatures in the bayou. The townsfolk of Lockport, Louisiana wondered which the scarier monster was: the scaly, cold-blooded kind that wound up in their kiddy pools every summer, or the misshapen, warm-blooded one they called to fish them out. Jonathan just wanted to know where his uncle learned to play–not the violin like him–but that jangly old fiddle.

Greater mysteries follow as Jonathan’s trip to lay his uncle to rest turns into an extended stay. Far from his home in Chicago, Jonathan adapts to life in a small town on the edge of the Louisiana wilderness where he dodges the advances of overly-hospitable Southern belles, learns that the best music comes from the heart, and wonders if the songs he plays in the bayou will be his last as he confronts his late uncle’s arch nemesis—a monstrous alligator known to the locals as Vaurien de Lafourche.

Amazon Reviews

“Cory Martin has an impeccable way with words…A first class breakout novel.”

“A great read for young adults and the young at heart.”

“Well written and a thrilling ride…”

“I had trouble putting it down once I got started…Beautiful cover to cover.”

“One just needs time and tea to feel transported to Louisiana…”

“Looking forward to the next one and many, many more.”

Other Books by Cory Martin


Cory Martin’s second novel, She Likes:, is a young adult love story that follows high school Junior, underdog, and psychic, Charlie Deckard, through the trials of love unrequited and the bigger question of whether our destinies are predetermined or if we actively shape the outcomes of our lives.






Cory Martin

Cory Martin decided to pick up the pen again for the first time in years when a friend first told her about National Novel Writing Month in 2010. The result was the very rough draft of the story that has become Swamp Song (CreateSpace 2013). She returned to NaNoWriMo in 2011 and She Likes: (CreateSpace 2017) appeared on her screen.

Her entire life has been spent in rural southern Missouri and she tries to exemplify the resultant values of family and faith in her stories. She’d be lying if she didn’t admit a world-lust wonder at the bizarre or that these things manifest in her writing as well. is her internet writing home and she can be networked with socially at  


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